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Message from the CEO

Mitchell G Menaker CEO/ Founder

M2 Metabolic Method was created by me over eight years ago in an effort to help people like me who have suffered from being overweight and unhealthy to reach a new level of health and wellness. I personally had suffered from being extremely overweight for thirty years, which at age 53 led me to being 290 pounds and having type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low self esteem and just being plain miserable. I had tried every diet on the market and like most people, never seemed to be able to stick to anything long enough to achieve my target goal for myself or anything close. My solution to my problem was to eat my frustrations and buy bigger clothes. When my pant size hit size 48 (Below the belly) probably a 50-52 above the belly, and I had trouble breathing just bending to tie my shoes, I went to the doctor for her to try and once again “fix” my problem. Instead of giving me a fix, she wanted to hospitalize me due to my deplorable health and my blood work being so poor. She indicated that if “I” was not willing to do something about my problem, she was giving me back my medical chart to take to another Physician as she was not going to come to my funeral. Strong words from my Physician of ten years, but my food addiction and my addictive personality said she was just trying to scare me.

CEO MItch Menaker BEFORE M2 Weight Loss
CEO MItch Menaker BEFORE M2 Weight Loss
CEO Mitch Menaker BEFORE M2 Weight Loss

Shopping for a gift for my mother, I happen to run into an old friend who I did not even recognize who had lost 130 pounds on this weight loss program. She gave me details and I figured what did I have to lose? Well what I had to lose was 100 pounds in 105 days, my diabetes, my blood pressure and my cholesterol medications which I no longer needed . Oh yeah, lost my size 48 below the belly pants and now had to buy size 30. Junior high was my last recollection of being a size 30 and I am now 61 years old. My next trip to my Physician should have been videoed as she did not even recognize me and wanted to know what Alien had inhabited my body as my blood work was better than normal.

I decided to dedicate my life to helping others, as my friend helped me to save my life. I did my first public seminar in New Smyrna Beach in March of 2010. Six people showed up to hear me speak and all six went on our program. Eight years later, I am proud to say I have done over 500 public speaking engagements and we have put over 10000 people on our program. These efforts have helped to save countless lives and restored our clients to unprecedented health and wellness. If this sounds too good to be true I am glad because it is too good and it is true. My Company is dedicated to my Mother who passed away in 2017 after 10 years of being paralyzed as the result of obesity related strokes. Had I known about this program a few years earlier, perhaps her life would have been different. I am living proof that we can change if we want to change and there is a weight loss program that works and you will keep the weight off. Don’t wait until your life hits crisis mode to take an action plan. Call us at M2 Metabolic Method and speak to one of my wellness coaches and take the first step to make a positive change on your life. We know you are worth it. Call us today at 386-873-2988 and let us help you to change your life forever.

Health and Wellness wishes for all of you,

Mitchell G Menaker CEO/ Founder
M2 Metabolic Method

CEO Mitch Menaker AFTER M2 Weight Loss
CEO Mitch Menaker AFTER M2 Weight Loss